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Secure Computing , www.securecomputing.com

Secure Computing SafeWord® PremierAccess® lets you positively identify users before connecting them to your critical applications and networks. PremierAccess eliminates the vulnerabilities of passwords with a wide range of authentication options that are more secure, easier to use, and less expensive to support than passwords.

SafeWord® PremierAccess® 4.0 is a strong authentication solution for Microsoft environments using Active Directory, providing proof-positive user identities via VPNs, Citrix applications, Outlook Web Access, Windows Domain, and Terminal Services logins. A quick and easy upgrade from SafeWord® RemoteAccess™, PremierAccess extends authentication to both remote and internal users.

The Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP) for PremierAccess is an add-on package that provides powerful management tools for PremierAccess, including advanced user management, support for a wide range of authentication form factors, advanced reporting capabilities, and rich access control functionality. ESP also extends authentication for UNIX login, Web servers and Web applications, and includes the SafeWord RADIUS server.

All about SafeWord tokens and other authenticators>>
SafeWord PremierAccess provides many authentication options including passcode-generating tokens, digital certificates, smart cards, biometrics, and text-messages to wireless devices.

What applications does PremierAccess protect?>>
PremierAccess protects almost every Web, VPN, Citrix, wireless, and network application. Click here for detailed information about all applications protected.

Why you should choose PremierAccess>>
With the Enterprise Solution Pack, PremierAccess has many powerful benefits and features that set it apart from the competition, such as integrated reporting, optional Active Directory integration, role-based authorization, PKI user authentication, user self-enrollment, unlimited scalability, manageability, and the Universal Web Agent.

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RSA, www.rsasecurity.com

RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator)—providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than reusable passwords.

  • The only solution that automatically changes your password every 60 seconds
  • 15 years with no reported security breaches

RSA Security offers enterprises a wide range of user authentication options to help positively identify users before they interact with mission-critical data and applications through:

  • VPNs & WLANs
  • E-mail
  • Intranets & extranets
  • Microsoft® Windows® desktops
  • Web servers
  • Other network resources

They are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing e-business infrastructures of our approximately 21,000 customers worldwide. With a 20-year history of outstanding performance and innovation, RSA Security’s authentication solutions remain an industry standard for organizations looking to protect their key business data assets.

The following table may assist you in orienting the solution to your requirements.


Integration Agents


Hardware Authenticators

RSA Authentication Agents

RSA Authentication Manager

Software Authenticators

RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows

RSA SecurID Appliance



RSA SecurID Authentication Engine



RSA Authentication Deployment Manager

  • RSA Authentication Manager
    Enterprise-class management software that powers strong authentication for the RSA SecurID solution.
  • Hardware Authenticators
    Choice of five devices that enable two-factor authentication to protect corporate assets.
  • Software Authenticators
    Offers strong authentication access to corporate assets using familiar devices that users already have.
  • RSA SecurID Appliance
    RSA SecurID ® technology, the industry’s leading two-factor user authentication system is now available in an integrated, rack mountable, hardware appliance format.
  • RSA Authentication Agent Software
    Software that works in conjunction with RSA SecurID authenticators and RSA Authentication Manager software to protect sensitive data assets from unauthorized access.
  • RSA SecurID for Microsoft Windows
    Replace passwords by using RSA SecurID tokens to protect Microsoft ® Windows ® networks and desktops.
  • RSA SecurID Authentication Engine
    A lightweight and easy to implement authentication software solution that can easily integrate directly into an organization’s homegrown externally-facing applications.
  • RSA Authentication Deployment Manager
    Automated, web-based workflow software that enables organizations to save time and money deploying and maintaining RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens.
  • Product Life Cycle
    In our continuing efforts to offer you the most up-to-date technology, we recommend that you migrate to the latest releases of the RSA SecurID ® product family.

For more information:

RSA Content Library: http://www.rsasecurity.com/content_library.asp


Aladdin , www.aladdin.com

Aladdin eToken offers strong User Authentication and Password Management Solutions for the Enterprise; and a robust and flexible framework for integration with many of today's leading security solutions, giving you a solution to all your strong authentication and password management needs.

  • The Aladdin Token Management System is a complete framework for managing all aspects of token assignment, deployment and personalization within an organization. Built on open standards and Active Directory, TMS allows you to:
  • Manage your authentication tokens through simple plug-ins
  • Centrally push software updates
  • Inject and revoke eToken credentials

Linked directly to the existing organizational user management systems, the TMS offers a robust and flexible link between the user, the security application, the authentication device used and the organizational rules.

For more information follow links in chart:

Security Applications

Strong Authentication

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication

Password Management

Simple Sign-On (SSO)

Web Sign-On (WSO)

Secure Network Logon

Solution Partner Applications

eToken Solution Partners

Token Management

Token Management System (TMS)


Windows, Linux, 16-bit SDK



eToken PRO USB

eToken NG-OTP


eToken PRO Smartcard


eToken with Proximity and ID Badges

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