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Double-Take Software

Double-Take Software: www.doubletake.com

Solution Overview:

Double-Take offers complete software solutions for data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery software and services.

Double-Take Software built the world's most relied upon platform for continuous data protection and application availability. Double-Take has been designing and deploying the leading data replication engine longer than anyone else. Our award-winning products, Double-Take and GeoCluster, deliver superior levels of data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery. Our patented technology enables companies to easily recover from unexpected disruptions and immediately restores business-critical data and applications.

Protect and Recover Business-Critical Data and Applications

Double-Take® from Double-Take® Software protects data and applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle and more enabling our customers to replicate and protect business-critical data that resides throughout their enterprise. Double-Take's data replication technology combines continuous real-time backup and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup.

Data Protection via Data Replication

Double-Take goes beyond periodic backup to provide accessible and affordable data protection via data replication. It ensures minimal data loss and enables immediate data recovery from any disaster or system outage. Double-Take utilizes patented data replication and failover technology that continuously captures byte-level changes as they happen and replicates those changes to one or more target servers at any location, locally or at a recovery site miles away.

Double-Take data replication software is Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 certified at all levels, one of the few data replication products to have achieved this level of certification. It delivers better data protection via data replication than many hardware-based solutions, and it costs tens of thousands less.

Double-Take Data Replication Benefits:

  • Real-Time Data Protection - Replicates continuously at the byte level over any shared or private IP-based LAN, WAN or SAN, ensuring that changed data is protected and can be quickly restored at all times.
  • Application Agnostic - Works with your existing hardware to protect applications such as Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, and more.
  • Continuous Data Protecti on via Replication - Guarantees business continuity and high availability by using real-time replication and restoring access to data in minutes with fail over capabilities to maintain a seamless working environment.

GeoCluster - Eliminate the Single Point of Failure

Based on Double-Take Software's proven Double-Take replication technology, GeoCluster extends the capabilities of Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) to create a stretch cluster. While MSCS and clustering in general provide a high level of application availability, MSCS clusters maintain only a single copy of the data and only provide failover within a single site. Built on top of MSCS, GeoCluster offers added data protection, assuring continual access to data and applications across sites.

GeoCluster benefits:

  • Offers Enhanced Multi-Site Disaster Recovery - Ensures that business-critical data and applications can be recovered quickly through real-time, offsite data protection and failover
  • Allows for Improved Data Protection - Reduces exposure to data loss and eliminates the single point of failure of shared disk storage with byte-level replication ensuring maximum application performance and minimum bandwidth requirements
  • Ensures High Availability - Eliminates or greatly reduces downtime with automatic failover technologies
  • Provides Greater Flexibility - Supports clusters using existing servers and storage because only replicated drive letters and capacity need to match between cluster nodes

For more information:

Resource documents: flash demo of the data replication product.

Double-Take customers: http://www.doubletake.com/products/double-take/success-stories.aspx

Double-Take Awards: http://www.doubletake.com/company/recognition/default.aspx

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