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Solution Overview:

Enterprises must protect data throughout the mobile data lifecycle, in order to help them meet state and federal regulatory requirements for information security. Organizations prone to data breaches are often at risk because they’ve made at least one of three common mistakes:

  • Detect — did not know what mobile devices are in use and what information is being stored on those devices
  • Protect — did not ali gn your company policies and procedures toward compliance along with encrypting data to show “reasonable and appropriate best practices and due diligence
  • Manage and Support — did not have the necessary procedures in place to enforce security policies.

CREDANT Mobile Guardian allows organizations to detect devices and data, protect (encrypt) data at rest, manage and enforce their mobile data security policies throughout the enterprise, helping to reduce the risk of data breaches and to ensure regulatory compliance. CREDANT Mobile Guardian is an integrated, centrally managed, policy-based mobile security solution for securing data at rest on notebooks, tablet PCs, desktops, PDAs, smart phones and external media.

  • Automatically detect and control the security of smart phones, PDAs, desktops, laptops and Tablet PCs accessing your network.
  • Secure your data no matter where it resides with Policy-based Intelligent Encryption , thereby avoiding the management, recovery and productivity issues associated with older encryption methods.
  • Enforce corporate security policies for devices, external media and users from a single, web-based management console.
  • Control who can synchronize data to devices.
  • Allow users to easily recover their password without calling a help desk--self-service password reset minimizes help desk calls and empowers end users.

CREDANT’s Next-Generation Encryption Technology

CREDANT Technologies’ Policy-based Intelligent Encryption™ represents a new approach that overcomes the limitations of older, outdated encryption technologies. Up until now, companies had only two options when it came to protecting data: Full Disk Encryption (FDE) or File/Folder Encryption.

FDE leverages the common perception that the safest way to secure notebooks, tablets and desktops is to encrypt the entire hard drive. However, as many who have tried to implement such solutions can tell you, FDE deployments can present serious management, recovery and productivity issues. On the other hand, file-folder encryption tools put too much responsibility into the hands of the end user to ensure that all data is protected, and it typically does not protect data in certain places.

Policy-based Intelligent Encryption uses “file-based encryption” technology to ensure that data that must be encrypted is encrypted—wherever it is stored—and what doesn’t need to be encrypted (the operating system, applications, and empty space) is not encrypted. It leverages the advanced capabilities of today’s hardware and software to provide a complete, “no compromise” data security solution that is fully compatible with your existing IT and Helpdesk procedures and processes, and that extends compliance controls to mobile endpoints by ensuring that data-at-rest is protected at all times.

For more information on Credant Technologies:

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Compliance Overview:

Credant Technologies has met rigid US Government certifications and policy guidelines from the Office of Management and Budgeting (OMB).

Used by DoD, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and other Federal and State institutions

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