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PostX Corporation, www.postx.com

Solution Overview:

PostX is the leading provider of secure messaging and delivery for enterprises with the largest customer deployments and most diverse solution-lines in the secure email and messaging industry. PostX solves several critical business applications, including compliance , document delivery , and interactive customer relations , with one single Messaging Application Platform . PostX has been granted several patents for its secure delivery, platform, and authentication techniques.

PostX InteractionHub is an extensible, open platform that can be tightly integrated with in-house systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), authentication, and messaging systems, to create the exact solution to your customer interaction requirements. Supported by the robust and versatile PostX Messaging Application Platform (MAP) , PostX InteractionHub enables you to build custom solutions that attract new business while increasing customer loyalty and improving operational efficiencies.

Features — Supported environments include:

Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX

Application Server Support: WebSphere and JBoss

Database Support: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL

Directory Support: Database, LDAPv3, Single Sign-on

Configurations — A PostX secure message can be delivered by one of three methods; Each method can be configured to meet the specific delivery requirements of the application and your customers.

PostX Offline Envelope - The PostX Offline Envelope provides the most flexible experience for your customers. The secure message is delivered to the recipient’s inbox, where it can be opened while the recipient is offline. The recipient’s userid and password are used to decrypt the contents of the PostX Offline Envelope at the desktop. PostX Offline Envelopes can be sent during off-peak hours. And, since there is no call back to your network after it has been delivered, no burden is placed on your servers when the recipient opens the PostX Offline Envelope.

PostX Online Envelope - The PostX Online Envelope increases your control of the electronic documents you send to your customers. As with the PostX Offline Envelope, the PostX Online Envelope is delivered to the recipient’s email inbox. But, with the Online Envelope, the user must be online to open the message.

When the recipient opens the message, the userid and password are sent back to your servers for authentication. Once the recipient has been authenticated, the key is securely returned and the Online Envelope is decrypted and displayed at the desktop. PostX Online Envelopes centralized authentication enables confirmed delivery receipt tracking.

With PostX Online Envelopes, you can disable access to messages for any recipient, either manually or automatically after a specified time period. You can also detect and deter brute force attacks on accounts by limiting number of authentication attempts allowed per message.

PostX WebSafe - PostX WebSafe maximizes your control over access to your documents. PostX WebSafe provides you with an online message center where messages are stored in an encrypted format behind your firewall. Recipients receive notification emails containing links to the online mailbox. Once a recipient arrives at the online message center and is authenticated, PostX WebSafe decrypts and presents his selected documents. Like PostX Online Envelope, PostX WebSafe allows you to disable access to messages, and it enables you to detect and deter brute force attacks. Additionally, PostX WebSafe enables you to track detailed document viewing history.

Compliance Overview - Email is the universal, low-cost, and efficient method for communicating and information sharing. Today, organizations of all sizes are using email beyond simple ad hoc 1:1 messaging, it is being used to deliver statements, marketing, alerts, and as an integrated method for relationship management. With the increased use of email have come many laws for privacy, security, and auditing of these email activities from HIPAA to GLBA. PostX’s role as the leader in secure email and messaging is to enable these business email efforts without interruption and provide the necessary and prudent security to comply with regulations.

PostX, a leader in the delivery of trusted electronic communications, announced that it has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA) for secure messaging services .

For more information:

Resource documents: http://www.postx.com/resources

PostX customers: http://www.postx.com/about_postx/customers

Press Releases: http://www.postx.com/about_postx/news_events/press

Voltage Security, www.voltage.com

Solution Overview:

End-to-End Secure Email Software: Voltage SecureMail

Voltage SecureMail is the first secure encrypted email solution that makes secure ad-hoc business communication as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging. Voltage SecureMail enables users to send secure encrypted email, ad-hoc business communication such as financial statements, patient health information (PHI) or sensitive communication regarding intellectual property. The ability to conduct business electronically while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GLBA and HIPAA opens a number of business opportunities not possible before; for example, external broker communication can now be conducted securely via email in a natural ad-hoc fashion.

Secure Encrypted Email - Secure Messaging Platform - Secure Email Software

Voltage SecureMail provides the broadest range of deployment options for meeting an enterprise's secure messaging platform needs:

  • Integrated Desktop Agents: Through seamless integration with leading email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Lotus Notes, users can easily send secure encrypted emails with a single click of a "Send Secure" button.
  • Policy-Based Encryption: The Voltage SecureMail Gateway enables organizations to meet compliance requirements through automatic encryption at the network edge. The Voltage SecureMail Gateway can be deployed with or without client agents, and integrates with other edge services, such as anti-virus, anti-spam, and archiving, to provide a complete message hygiene solution. In addition for situations where policy needs to be enforced off-line - Voltage SecureMail Desktop can also enforce policy rules on the desktop.
  • Browser-Based Secure Messaging Platform: Voltage's Zero Download Messenger allows recipients of secure encrypted email to receive and reply without the need to download any secure email software, ensuring that messages can always be read regardless of system environment.
  • Mobile Secure Messaging Platform: With Voltage SecureMail BlackBerry, BlackBerry users can send and receive end-to-end secure messages. Voltage SecureMail BlackBerry integrates directly with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, meaning no new hardware is required, and no new software is required on the device.
  • System-Generated Email: Voltage SecureMail can be used to automatically encrypt statements, invoices, password recovery notifications and other messages generated by enterprise CRM and ERP systems.
  • Enterprise-Class Secure Messaging Platform
  • Voltage SecureMail provides the following benefits for the enterprise:
  • Ease of Use: Based on the breakthrough technology Identity-Based Encryption, Voltage SecureMail provides the most transparent experience for end users. Sending a secure encrypted email is as simple as clicking a button, and messages can be read anywhere, anytime through the browser-based Zero Download Messenger interface.
  • Lowest Overhead: By eliminating the need for certificates and certificate infrastructure, Voltage SecureMail provides the lowest overhead for administrators. With little active management or maintenance required, Voltage SecureMail does not require additional headcount for administration.
  • Flexible Authentication Options: Together with the Voltage SecurePolicy Suite, Voltage SecureMail provides administrators the broadest range of authentication options for recipients. Voltage SecureMail supports self-provisioning mechanisms such as Email Answerback, as well as more sophisticated options such as Active Directory and two-factor authentication.
  • Easy to Implement Disaster Recovery: Voltage SecureMail provides the easiest solution for implementing disaster recovery. Because its "stateless" architecture never requires server-side storage of keys or messages, an entire Voltage SecureMail system needs to be backed up only once. From this single backup, which can be stored on a floppy disk, the system can be fully restored in a matter of minutes, with no loss of data.
  • Simplified Message Retention: Voltage SecureMail is the only secure messaging platform solution that can provide end-to-end security with cleartext or encrypted archiving at any point along the message flow. Voltage SecureMail's on-the-fly key generation ensures that authorized administrators always have access to encrypted messages so that message retention policies can be easily met.

Voltage SecureMail Zero Download Messenger provides browser-based universal coverage for all email clients (desktop and webmail) and operating systems (e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux). Zero Download Message allows users to read, reply and initiate secure encrypted emails without the need to download any secure email software.

For more information:

Document resources: http://www.voltage.com/datasheets.shtml

Voltage customers: http://www.voltage.com/customers/index.htm

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