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Radware Application Delivery

Radware, www.radware.com

Radware AppDirector is an intelligent application delivery controller for the data center that provides scalability and application-level security for IT infrastructure optimization, fault tolerance and redundancy.

AppDirector combines the power of Radware’s Multi-Gigabit Application Switching hardware with APSolute OS Application-Smart Networking to ensure local and global server availability, accelerated application performance and safeguard applications with integrated intrusion prevention and denial of service protection for fast, reliable, secure application delivery.

AppDirector uses advanced Layer 4-7 policies and granular application intelligence for end-to-end application-smart networking, aligning server infrastructure operations with application front end requirements to eliminate traffic surges, server bottlenecks, connectivity disconnects and downtime for assured application access, full application continuity and redundancy. AppDirector enables fine tuning of network behavior at all critical points, end-to-end, based on granular application-specific classification of packets to optimize traffic flows for a wide range of enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, BEA, Citrix, and other web-based applications including support for VoIP, streaming media, and secure LDAP applications.

With AppDirector’s fully integrated intrusion prevention and Denial of Service protection data center applications and server resources are insulated against application level attacks. The ability to control multi-step SSL processing provides enhanced security of HTTP, FTP, SMTP and SIP over SSL. Make your network adaptive and more responsive to your dynamic application and business needs with AppDirector’s fully integrated traffic classification and flow management, health monitoring and failure bypassing, traffic redirection, bandwidth management, intrusion prevention and DoS protection.

AppXcel provides end-to-end application acceleration for web-based applications, applications that use SSL and all types of clients such as desktops, PDAs and smart-phones, enabling complete transaction reliability, accelerated transaction response time and cost effective scalability.

AppXcel is a high yield application accelerator, driving application performance using a comprehensive set of AoIP acceleration technologies including compression, caching, connection pooling, TCP optimization, SSL offloading and wireless acceleration for fastest application and transaction response times and the best end user experience across the LAN, WAN and the Internet. AppXcel allows for economical and transparent scaling of server resources and delivers immediate ROI by optimizing server resources and boosting web-based application speeds by up to 500%.

AppXcel dramatically reduces transaction response times by compressing web content, optimizing images, HTTP connection multiplexing and controlling bandwidth utilization. By offloading SSL and persistent functions (processor and server intensive operations) from servers, AppXcel frees the CPU to handle additional requests, thus eliminating the need to buy additional hardware in order to support application processing requirements. AppXcel clustering enables further transaction scalability delivering up to 35,000 TPS, for unlimited transaction growth.

AppXcel uses a high throughput, dedicated and specialized acceleration platform that enables fastest SSL transactions per second and supports concurrent connections managing certificates. Featuring client and server side SSL sniffing, AppXcel provides complete transaction visibility and security of encrypted traffic, preventing SSL virus tunneling while guaranteeing end-to-end application-smart performance tuning for web-enabled, SSL-based applications on all types of clients including desktops, PDAs, and smart-phones.

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Citrix NetScaler Application Switch

Maximum Application Performance with Comprehensive Traffic Management - Citrix® NetScaler® Application Switch is an ideal solution for any enterprise seeking comprehensive traffic management, application acceleration, network optimization and attack defenses.

Application Acceleration - C itrix NetScaler Application Switch increases the speed of application delivery up to 15 times by leveraging multiple acceleration technologies and innovative TCP optimizations.  TCP optimizations improve the underlying application delivery network by enhancing the efficiency of both client and server connections, while remaining entirely transparent to application users. Citrix AppCompress(tm) and Citrix AppCache(tm) deliver highly efficient data compresssion and content caching to speed application responses.  These capabilities are available in the NetScaler Application Switch Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition.

L4-7 Load Balancing - NetScaler Application Switch distributes traffic and directs client requests to the right application server based on layer 4 or application-layer request data.  In addition, NetScaler Application Switch provides multiple methods to monitor the health of application servers to ensure continuous application availability. Citrix NetScaler Application Switch is an ideal replacement for aging load balancers and other traffic management devices.  Replacing legacy devices with NetScaler Application Switch reduces network complexity and operational costs, and streamlines the application delivery infrastructure with the industry’s leading technologies.

SSL Acceleration - NetScaler Application Switch integrates hardware-based SSL acceleration to offload the compute intensive processes of SSL connection setup and bulk encryption from Web servers. SSL acceleration reduces CPU utilization on servers, enhancing application response times and freeing server resources for more users.

Application Security - Citrix’s patented Request Switching(r) technology enables Citrix NetScaler Application Switch to forward valid client requests and block illegitimate requests. The Application Switch includes built-in defenses against damaging denial of service (DoS) attacks. Content inspection capabilities enable NetScaler Application Switch to identify and block application-based attacks.

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