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Solution Overview:

PatchLink Update provides rapid patch management, allowing you to proactively manage threats by automating the collection, analysis, and delivery of patches throughout your heterogeneous enterprise to secure end-points. PatchLink has the world's largest repository of patches, including more than 10,000 patches for major current and legacy operating systems and applications. PatchLink Update's agent-based architecture, patch package pre-testing, highly scalable software, and easy-to-use features allow customers to patch 13 times faster than the industry average 1.

PatchLink Update's patented Digital Fingerprinting™ Technology provides a highly accurate process for patch and vulnerability assessment, remediation, and monitoring - leaving no systems open to attack. Remediation is fast and accurate with wizard-based patch deployments, support for phased rollouts, rapid verification of patch installs, and more. End-points are continuously monitored to ensure that they get patched and stay patched.

Inventory Assessment

IT organizations are responsible for optimum utilization of IT investments. Inventory assessment solutions allow IT organizations to quickly and accurately identify technical resources throughout your network, to monitor how the assets are being used (or misused), and to ensure the assets are in compliance with configuration and licensing policies.

PatchLink's inventory assessment solution is based upon a comprehensive internal scan of each of the computers on your network - including servers, desktops and mobile computers. This inventory scan provides detailed information on the hardware, software and services in your environment. PatchLink's enhanced standard inventory includes additional object types such as computer model and serial number, hyper-threaded CPUs, virtualized hardware, last logged user, last reboot time, and more.

PatchLink's inventory management solution enables IT organizations to:

  • Identify all devices on the network
  • Automatically capture and maintain detailed hardware software, and services inventory
  • Reduce costs through efficient software license usage and monitoring
  • Effectively plan upgrades and maintenance
  • Respond quickly to software audits
  • Leverage consolidated information through enterprise reports
  • Achieve policy compliance

PatchLink's inventory assessment solution integrates the inventory scanning, storage, and analysis power of PatchLink Update with the flexible reporting capabilities of PatchLink Enterprise Reporting , enabling PatchLink customers to manage inventory through a single administrative console. PatchLink's inventory assessment solution provides summary and detailed data for the enterprise or select machines, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about IT infrastructure.

PatchLink Quarantine™ addresses the growing problem of unprotected computers that expose the enterprise to risks and compliance issues. The comprehensive quarantine system comprises several hardware and software components, each responsible for a specific aspect of the four-phase process: blocking access to the network, assessing the potential threat, remediating the potential threat, and authorizing access to the network.

Quarantine is an important strategy for network security. visiting, mobile, and VPN users can connect unchecked devices to your network, creating holes for the latest viruses, worms, and malware to enter your corporate infrastructure.

The quarantine process evaluates a system as it attempts to connect to the network, and then prevents the network connection if it discovers missing patches, incomplete virus protection, or other security configuration issues. Security evaluation after a connection is established is too late, because attacks from a corrupted system can begin at connection.

PatchLink Quarantine ensures automated enforcement of network security policies on an ongoing basis. PatchLink Quarantine identifies computers that are attempting to access the network, quarantines them, evaluates them for threats, and remediates as necessary. Once remediation is complete and the end-point meets security policy standards, it is granted access to the network.

For more information:

Resource documents & Case studies: http://www.patchlink.com/downloads/index.html

PatchLink Awards: http://www.doubletake.com/company/recognition/default.aspx

Press Releases: http://www.patchlink.com/company/press_releases.html

PatchLink Awards: http://www.patchlink.com/company/awards.html

Compliance Overview:

With PatchLink Update, you can be sure that your systems are effectively patched and compliant for successful IT and regulatory audits. PatchLink Update's patented Digital Fingerprinting Technology ensures that end-points get patched and stay patched by creating a Patch Fingerprint Profile that includes all software, hardware, drivers, and existing and missing patches for that machine. Each end-point is then continually monitored. Administrators can also establish a mandatory baseline to automatically remediate end-points that don't meet defined patch levels - a key aspect of regulatory compliance. And, because many organizations need to demonstrate patch compliance, PatchLink Update includes 21 standard reports that document changes, and demonstrate progress toward internal and external audit and compliance requirements.

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