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Solution Overview:

Only Packeteer® delivers comprehensive solutions to today's biggest WAN performance challenges. From faster application access to realizing server consolidation benefits, Packeteer's intelligent overlay of key WAN optimization technologies keeps your critical applications moving at the speed of business.

Network Visibility

Look beyond network probes for more sophisticated insight into network performance and resource usage. Quickly isolate problems and fix them.

Application QoS

Achieve true QoS by ensuring availability, effectively managing resources and prioritizing applications across the WAN.

Voice and Video

Realize the promise of your VoIP deployment. Overcome quality issues, assess readiness, ensure bandwidth, increase capacity and ultimately deliver top performance across applications, voice and video.

Application Server Consolidation

Meet the challenges of consolidating ERP or Citrix. Understand and handle the impact of branch office application traffic as it suddenly moves across the entire WAN.

Manage WAN Costs

Manage skyrocketing WAN costs by controlling network use and consolidating key WAN optimization technologies in a single appliance.

Migrating to MPLS

Don't get caught in the MPLS spider web. Understand applications and optimize WAN performance with a new suite of tools.

Satellite/Long Haul

Don't let protocol design, high latency and errors slow down satellite traffic. Let transparent protocol acceleration free up bandwidth throughput and speed up application delivery.

Server/Storage Consolidation

Streamline and consolidate branch office IT without introducing risk or sacrificing performance. Reap the benefits of server consolidation—happy branch office users and secure, accurate data.

Real-time File Collaboration

Overcome performance and data integrity risks inherent in file access across the WAN—or across the world.

An intelligent overlay between business frontlines and IP networks, Packeteer ® appliance-based solutions scale to deliver optimal WAN application performance at every location. Applications move at the speed of business.PacketShaper delivers:

  • Layer 7 Plus Visibility
  • Network and Application Monitoring
  • QoS Control
  • Symmetric Compression
  • Acceleration
  • Centralized Management and Reporting

iShared™ - Solve file access performance problems at branch locations and securely consolidate servers. iShared delivers:

  • Native, Integrated WAFS Solution
  • WAN Application Optimization
  • Single-instance WAFS Storage
  • File Differencing and Dictionary-based Compression
  • Centralized Data Protection and Remote Backup
  • Mobile Networking

SkyX ® Accelerator - Increase throughput on high-latency links—terrestrial or satellite. SkyX Accelerator delivers:

  • TCP Protocol Optimization
  • Latency Impact Elimination
  • File Transfer Acceleration
  • Transaction Acceleration
  • XML and HTTP Acceleration
  • WAN Application Performance Optimization
  • Packet Loss and Retransmission Reduction

For more information:

Resource documents: http://www.packeteer.com/resources/

Press releases: http://www.packeteer.com/company/news/


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