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Blue Ridge Networks, www.blueridgenetworks.com

Solution Overview:

The BorderGuard Family: a Full Spectrum of Secure Communications

From the remote worker and the mobile office to the enterprise, Blue Ridge Networks offers true end-to-end solutions for businesses and governments to keep information secure, meet regulatory requirements, operate more effectively, and reduce costs.

  • Central Sites - BorderGuard – The keystone of secure enterprise-wide communications. BorderGuard is a high assurance, secure VPN appliance that connects sites and mobile workers with ease. BorderGuard has a 12 year history of uncompromised security.
  • Branch Office / Small Office - BorderGuard – Enterprise-scale secure communications for government and private industry.
  • Compact BorderGuard – The same impenetrable security as our flagship BorderGuard, but made specifically for small and medium sized offices
  • RemoteLink – About the size of a paperback book, the RemoteLink can go anywhere and is ideal for small offices and mobile work teams.
  • Personal / Mobile Offices - Secure Pocket PC Client – Provides secure wireless communications wherever users go. An integral part of enterprise security, the Blue Ridge Networks’ Secure Pocket PC Client thwarts all known attacks–opening the doors for the deployment of wireless devices in any organization.
  • Secure Thin Client – Our secure thin client platform is ideal for Internet cafes, telecommuters, extranets, and kiosks providing controlled access to information.
  • Secure VPN Client – For 12 years, secure VPN clients have been protecting the information assets and reputations of businesses and government agencies with high-security technology only available from Blue Ridge Networks.
  • Central Management - Management Console – The Management Console provides easy central management, continuously updated views of dynamic networks, system-wide centralized audit and control, and reduced operations costs.

For more information:

Document resources: http://www.blueridgenetworks.com/library/index.htm

Blue Ridge Networks customers: http://www.blueridgenetworks.com/news/news_case_studies.htm

McAfee®, Inc.

McAfee, www.mcafee.com

Solution Overview:

McAfee Mobile Security for Enterprise = Give your mobile users and business data the security they deserve

Mobile devices give you increased productivity, better data access, and more efficient operations. But the tradeoff is the risk of unauthorized access to important business information. With McAfee® Mobile Security®, you can have the extra utility and security.

  • Always-on protection - Mobile Security's always-on protection identifies and removes viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious applications without interrupting operations and connections
  • Broad protection coverage - Mobile Security examines all e-mail, instant-message attachments, Internet downloads, SMS, MMS, WiFi ®, and Bluetooth ® transfers for threats
  • Inline cleaning - Mobile Security automatically cleans infections as it finds viruses, worms, Trojans, or other threats
  • Mobile-threat sensitive - Some threats, such as CommWarrior, are specifically aimed at mobile-network infrastructure; Mobile Security is specifically geared to finding such selective threats
  • Tailored to mobile operating system - Each McAfee ® VirusScan ®Mobile version is designed for the phone operating system in which it is installed; our operator-centric service approach gives you flexible content screening in accordance with your policies
  • Security with minimal delay - McAfee VirusScan Mobile is optimized for mobile CPUs and platforms; it is designed for less than 200 millisecond latency on most end-user operations
  • Takes up little space - McAfee Mobile Security's VirusScan Mobile has minimal installation and run-time requirements; the embedded version uses less than 500 kilobytes of space on a device

For more information:

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Datasheet:


McAfee Policy Enforcer Datasheet:


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