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Secure Datacom offers Hardware & Software solutions from many industry leading Best-in-Class Vendors at competitive prices.

BellSouth is a Fortune 100 company with annual revenues of over $20 billion. Our core business is wireline communications and our largest customer segment is the retail consumer. We have interests in wireless communications through our ownership of approximately 40% of Cingular Wireless (Cingular), the nation’s largest wireless company based on number of customers. We also operate one of the largest directory advertising businesses in the United States. We have assets of approximately $60 billion and employ almost 63,000 individuals. We were incorporated and became a publicly traded company in December 1983 as a result of the breakup of the Bell System. We are incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia.

MCI delivers a comprehensive portfolio of local-to-global business data, Internet and voice services to a 'Who's Who' list of the Fortune 1000. MCI is an established leader in IP network technology and Virtual Private Networking (VPN), delivering VPNs based on private data networks as well as our global Internet backbone, which spans six continents. Our portfolio includes SONET private line, frame relay, ATM and a full range of dedicated, dial and value-added Internet services.

Sprint is the only communications company that owns both its wireless and wireline assets which delivers high-end services across a far-reaching network in an integrated way. The bottom line is infrastructure and we have spent years investing in ours to make it among the most robust and consistently reliable in the industry.

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