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In today's fully connected world, companies can not afford to make their carrier decisions based on a single application or requirement.

With the convergence of voice and data, the proliferation of IP and the demands for business continuity and reliability, a company’s network needs to holistically support current applications as well as future business requirements.

  • Does your current network allow for users from any location to communicate with users and/or applications from any other location without routing all traffic through a central site?
  • Have requirements for applications - video, voice, Internet, collaborative software, CRM, ERP, etc., outpaced existing capabilities and budget?
  • Does your current network support bandwidth shaping or quality of service (QoS), so your critical applications run smoothly?
  • Has your organization investigated IP enabled technologies to significantly increase bandwidth and/or reduce costs?

Secure Datacom has over a decade of experience provisioning and managing carrier services. SDI has helped many customers understand their carrier requirements utilizing our data, voice and technical expertise.

With the change and volatility over the past decade in the carrier space impacting service offerings, support and provisioning, SDI continues to provide a consistent and reliable carrier interface to our customers.

For more information on our Carrier Solutions, please contact account manager or e-mail us.


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