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. : Server Based Computing

Method of computing where an end user runs applications on a terminal server instead of on his/her local PC. All application processing that normally occurs on a PC is performed on the terminal server inside sessions devoted to each end user. The end user employs a terminal or PC as a client to input information via mouse movements and keystrokes.

Citrix Systems, Inc. Logo

Citrix Systems is the global leader in access infrastructure for the on-demand enterprise and the most trusted name in enterprise access. The Citrix family of access products offers both access to centralized applications through the Citrix Access Suite and remote access to individual desktop computers through the products of the Citrix Online Division.

The Citrix Access Suite is access infrastructure that:

  • Gives workers secure, easy and instant access to enterprise applications and information from anywhere, at anytime, using any device, over any connection.
  • Enables IT staffs to manage heterogeneity by centrally consolidating applications, simplifying their deployment, management, monitoring and measurement.
  • Ensures that the right people have access to the right resources to protect the security of enterprise information assets.

The Citrix Online Division offers Web-based access to the applications and information that reside on users’ desktops:

  • Citrix GoToMyPC® is the easiest-to-use solution for remote, secure and managed desktop PC access over the Web.
  • Citrix GoToAssist™ is the most secure, reliable and powerful solution for Web-based technical support and customer collaboration.
  • Citrix GoToMeeting™ is the easiest, most secure and cost-effective solution for conducting online meetings with small groups.

More than 160,000 organizations worldwide rely on the Access Suite to do their jobs, and Citrix Online products are used by another 4,900-plus companies worldwide. These organizations include the world’s most successful companies - 100% of the Fortune 100, 99% of the Fortune 500, 97% of the Fortune Global 100, and 92% of the Fortune Global 500. Is your business an on-demand enterprise?

Access Infrastructure as a Core Business System

Citrix MetaFrame Access Logo

Business runs on information. Yet getting the right information securely, easily and instantly to everyone who needs it, when they need it, is difficult. And it’s becoming more difficult as more and more people are conducting business remotely-unpredictably moving from location to location, using multiple access devices, and connecting with a wide range of heterogeneous applications over wired, wireless and Web networks.

This fundamental need explains why Citrix access infrastructure has become a core business system that drives competitive advantage. Access infrastructure addresses one of the basic technical challenges businesses face today: the need to provide secure access to private information over both trusted and untrusted networks. It does this by connecting devices, networks and applications into a system that is secure by design, that consolidates applications into a central location for more efficient management and effective control, and that provides secure, easy and instant access to any information source, for any authorized user, from anywhere, using any connection.

As a result, Citrix can transform any organization into an on-demand enterprise. This means that, for a single investment in access infrastructure, businesses get two key benefits: improved operational efficiency that reduces the cost of running the business, and accelerated agility that enables the business to capitalize on more opportunities for growing the business.

Only Citrix access infrastructure can deliver all of these capabilities to businesses.

Capabilities for Reducing Costs and Increasing Agility

Citrix access infrastructure is the most complete set of solutions for leveraging the ubiquitous connectivity provided by today’s networks into unlimited secure access to applications and information, both voice and data. Citrix products and services, when used together as an integrated access-infrastructure system, provide a set of capabilities that meet the access needs of users on the demand side of the information supply chain, as well as of IT administrators on the supply side.

Users want access to be invisible. They just want the technology to work-to get them to the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they are, using whatever devices and networks they want. Citrix access infrastructure mobilizes people, information and business with this set of capabilities that are of primary benefit to the user:

  • SmartAccess
  • SmoothRoaming
  • Instant Collaboration
  • On-Demand Assistance

IT Administrators want access to be visible. They’re responsible for keeping information-the fuel on which the business runs-flowing, so they need to be able to monitor, measure, manage, control and optimize the use of IT resources. Citrix access infrastructure optimizes the efficiency of IT with this set of capabilities that enable IT administrators to reduce costs and increase agility:

  • Robust and Resilient Foundation
  • Secure by Design
  • Integrated Identity Management
  • End-to-End Visibility


Citrix Products

Citrix Access Suite

Citrix Access Suite BoxThe easiest way to provide a secure, single point of access to enterprise information on demand. Introducing 4.0: unprecedented ability to manage all dimensions of access, unmatched ease and security for user identification, extraordinary control over data after access is granted.


Citrix Presentation Server

Citrix Presentation Server Box
What’s new in 4.0

Citrix Access Suite 4.0 delivers the best user access experience and removes barriers to standardized access and security with these new innovations. This release solves some of businesses’ toughest IT challenges – ensuring security while increasing productivity, making IT more efficient and agile, supporting an increasingly dynamic business, and meeting new regulatory requirements.

Citrix Access Suite 4.0 unites the latest Citrix products into an integrated access solution that, for a single investment, provides two key advantages: improves operational efficiency to reduce the cost of running the business, and accelerates business agility to drive growth.

Citrix Presentation Server 4.0

The next generation of the world&rsqsuo;s most widely deployed presentation server, Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 provides unprecedented scalability, breakthrough compatibility, and state-of-the art printing.

Decrease resource utilization by 25% and increase user density through enhanced CPU utilization management and virtual memory optimization.

Run more applications than ever before with breakthrough compatibility delivered through isolated application environments, support for virtual IP addresses, and USB peripheral support of ActiveSync PDAs, scanners, and cameras.

Increase printing performance by 400% with state-of-the-art printing which utilizes less bandwidth and memory.

New! Proximity Printing™ revolutionizes printing by automatically connects users to the printer nearest them as they roam and advanced printer functionality allows them to configure all printer properties such as multiple paper trays and stapling.

Deploy UNIX applications at no additional cost. We’ve combined Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX and Citrix Presentation Server for Windows into one product that gives customers more deployment and access options than ever before! We’ve even made Conferencing Manager a part of Citrix Presentation Server to allow users to collaborate on published applications.

Citrix Password Manager 4.0

Citrix Password Manager BoxCitrix Password Manager is the most efficient way to access all applications with a single password. Citrix Password Manager 4.0 is the best single sign-on solution for use with Citrix Presentation Server and the Citrix Access Suite.

  • Integrated “hot desktop” user switching makes it easy for users to securely access their password protected applications in environments where workstations are shared such as in a hospital at nurse or bedside stations.
  • Integrated self-service password reset decreases help desk costs even further by allowing users to reset forgotten passwords securely. And unlike other single sign-on offerings, self-service password reset is integrated with Citrix Password Manager at no additional charge.
  • Improved user experience with an entirely new and intuitive interface available in five languages;
  • Improved security through digitally signed configuration settings, enhanced event logging, and Active Directory and LDAP directory credential storage

Enhanced administrative control through new Suite-integrated licensing and a streamlined management console also available in five languages.

Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Access GatewayCitrix Access Gateway™ is a universal SSL VPN appliance that provides a secure, always-on, single point-of-access to any information resource. It has all of the advantages of IPSec and typical SSL VPNs – without the costly and cumbersome implementation and management – making access easy for users, secure for the company and low-cost for IT administrators. It works in both non-Citrix and Citrix environments, and provides the best integration with Citrix Presentation Server.

Introducing 4.0

Access Gateway 4.0 offers unprecedented granular control over access to company information. It is the only product on the market with Advanced Access Control, a unique Citrix option that increases protection of the network and information resources. Advanced Access Control enables IT administrators to establish a fine degree of control over applications, files, Web content, e-mail attachments and printing. This option manages both what information resource can be accessed and what actions are permitted after access is granted, based on the user’s role, location, type of device, configuration of device, and connection. Further, the access-control policy engine and enforcement decisions are implemented inside of the protected network, resulting in greater security than is provided by typical SSL VPNs.

Introducing an Opportunity to Solve Your Business and IT Challenges

Access Gateway combines the best features of IPSec and SSL VPNs and delivers the best access experience of any SSL VPN in the market.

The result?

A single point of secure access to any application or IT resource, both data and voice – Access Gateway provides secure access to any application hosted on Citrix Presentation Server, as well as distributed Windows and UNIX applications, direct-access Web applications, network file shares, data and collaboration services, and even telephony services using VoIP softphones. In fact, the Access Gateway is optimized to provide high performance for UDP-based-applications, such as IP telephony.

Low total cost to purchase and maintain – Access Gateway is fast, simple and cost-effective to deploy and maintain via its Web-deployed, auto-updating client. Organizations can easily provide their remote and mobile users with desk-like access from any location – without the cost and complexity of installing, configuring, updating and supporting client software on each device.

Always-on mobility and a seamless desktop experience for users – Access Gateway automatically and seamlessly reconnects users to their applications and documents when they change locations and devices, and gives users at any location the same access experience that they have at their desktop. For example, a user can be connected at a customer or partner location, close his laptop and disconnect from the network, return to the office, and then be automatically reconnected – all without a single keystroke.

Strengthened data security – Access Gateway is implemented as a secure-by-design hardened appliance within an organization’s DMZ. Built-in end-point scanning provides continuous, real-time end-point scanning to ensure that a device is safe for remaining connected to the network.

Citrix Access Essentials

The most cost-effective way for small organizations to acquire all of the essentials for convenient, secure access

Citrix Access Essentials™ is on-premises software specially designed, packaged, and priced for organizations with up to 75 Windows users that provides secure remote access and enables simple centralized management of information resources.

Application execution that’s independent of the access device

Access Essentials combines innovative, patented techniques from Citrix and Microsoft that allow programs to run centrally on a Windows server, while appearing to run on a user’s local, remote, or mobile computer. Keystrokes and mouse clicks are relayed in real time over any network to this server, which in turn sends screen updates and audio outputs directly to the user’s computer. Windows Terminal Server Client Access Licenses that are required to run in this multi-user mode are fully integrated into the Access Essentials installation, configuration, and operation wizard.

Just the essentials

In contrast to typical solutions that are inadequate or overkill, Access Essentials delivers just what is needed to roll out line-of-business applications, especially to remote users and branch offices  no more, no less. Here’s the key:

  • Centralized: Access Essentials enables Windows Server™ 2003 applications to be updated centrally, without touching what’s on the user’s end.
  • Convenient: Access Essentials delivers the same rich experience on a full-featured desktop or at a basic Internet café kiosk with only a browser.
  • Secure: Access Essentials scrambles all remote transmissions with secure encryption techniques and enables access control based on the user’s role and authorization level.

The best access experience for everyone

Access Essentials ensures the performance and success of critical processes for the business, provides users with fast, easy access from their most convenient location, and reduces time, expenses, and resource requirements for the system administrator.

Citrix Application Gateway

Deliver applications to the screens of IP phones and wireless devices

The Citrix Application Gateway™ is used by organizations to deliver applications, packaged and/or transformed, to the screens and speakers of IP phones and wireless devices. Citrix Voice Office is a suite of packaged telephony applications that requires no development work whatsoever. These innovative access solutions complement the Citrix portfolio of products and services by extending on-demand access to both voice and data across virtually any screen size, device type and location. Citrix offers each individually as a strategic stand-alone access solution and together as a powerful telephony access package.

Application Gateway for access that’s secure, simple for users and adaptable to almost any access scenario

In addition to delivering applications to IP phones and wireless devices, the Citrix Application Gateway also provides the ability to transform existing Web-based applications to wireless devices and the screens of IP phones. This encompasses time clocks, email, sales force automation, school attendance, inventory look-up, and patient records, for example.

Transformed applications are delivered to the screen of the device using the Application Gateway and are customized using the visual development toolkit, the Citrix Design Studio. Transformed applications appear as though they were custom-developed for the IP telephone or wireless device – without a single change to any of the underlying Web-based applications.

Voice Office to leverage IP telephony investments and increase workforce productivity

Citrix Voice Office application suite enables enterprises to further leverage their IP telephony investments and increase workforce productivity by delivering converged applications to the screens and speakers of IP phones. Voice Office applications include:

  • Visual Voicemail enables users to see a visual list of their voice messages with the ability to select the most important ones to review, without having to listen to each message in a serial fashion. During message playback, the user can play, pause, forward, reply, and rewind using labeled soft keys rather than using cryptic control codes.
  • Express Directory provides an LDAP-based, organization-wide directory with high-speed, real-time pruning. This new directory user interface reduces the time to look-up and dial in by 75% compared to current solutions.
  • Zone Paging enables authorized users to page to groups of IP telephones in specific zones without the expense of installing an overhead paging system
  • Broadcast Server delivers priority messages such as emergency, IT, and weather alerts in the form of text, graphics and audio messages to IP telephones.
  • Conference Manager enables audio conference management right from the screen of an IP telephone including count and announce attendees, drop and mute individual participants, schedule an ad-hoc conference, and add 15 minutes to conference. Email and PIM enables employees to access popular email packages like Microsoft Exchange. Users can check and respond to email from conference rooms, view their calendar from a conference room or keep it opened at their desk, and soft-dial their contacts from anywhere on campus.

Citrix GoToMeeting

A unique Web-based managed service that makes it easy for anyone to access, organize and participate in online meetings - instantly, securely and cost-effectively.

Citrix GoToAssist

An industry-leading remote-support solution that enables organizations to provide access to world-class support over the Internet for customers and end users in a highly available and secure environment.

Citrix GoToMyPC Corporate

An innovative managed service that provides secure, encrypted remote access to Windows PC desktops from any Internet-connected computer.

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