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What backup solution is right for me?

As you consider the backup alternatives, you should look for a solution that meets all of your specific requirements:

  • Easy to configure and use
  • Automated operation – “set it and forget it”
  • Adequate storage space available
  • Fast and efficient
  • Abundant security for your critical data
  • Cost effective

What is a Managed Storage Solution?

Managed Storage Solutions is a revolutionary off-site data backup and recovery service offering unparalleled optimization, security, and automation for home users, mobile PC users and business customers. Subscribers can connect to our ultra-secure Internet backup servers over traditional dial-up, broadband or any existing TCP/IP Network connection. Our flexible scheduler allows your backups to run automatically, any time – day or night, with no user intervention. Your data is compressed using the industry’s most advanced data analysis and compression technology, and automatically protected by the world’s most secure (448 bit) encryption technology. We optimize both CPU and network bandwidth by incrementally backing up only the changes you have made to your data files. Through our advanced client/server software solution, you can easily manage your backup data or instantly restore your critical data if and when necessary – 24x7.

The functionality offered by our Managed Storage Solution was only previously available to large corporations utilizing costly software, hardware, and technical resources. This solution combines fast and efficient technology, a reliable, easy to use set of applications, ultimate security and data availability, and the lowest prices in the industry to provide the best backup solution available. Today, anyone, anywhere, can take advantage of this easy to use, robust and secure automated backup and recovery service.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an inexpensive product/service that would do all of the work for you? Regularly? Automatically? Without the time, effort or hassle?

After considering all of the issues, we’re confident you will agree that Secure Datacoms Managed Storage Solution solves all of the problems, eliminates all of the excuses, and delivers on every promise for the ultimate backup solution.

Rates start as low as $145.00 a month for 20Gig & $195.00 a month for 75Gig of Space! Contact your SDI Salesperson and ask him for a demo today or email us at sales@securedatacom.net for more details.

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