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Complete Wireless Solutions When You Need Them

More than ever before, end-users want to take advantage of wireless solutions. However, they may not have the in-house expertise you need to deliver and support these new technologies. Secure Datacom wireless consulting professionals can help, on an as-needed basis.

We help you to develop the plans, strategies, and tactics you need to succeed with implementing and supporting wireless. Secure Datacom provides realistic, objective, and comprehensive strategic and tactical recommendations that detail the specific courses of action you should take to meet your goals.

Wireless Consulting Services help to seamlessly assess and implement wireless solutions for our customers to achieve their critical business goals and objectives.

Wireless Consulting Services Lifecycle Include:

Feasibility Study: The first phase, the feasibility study, summarized in a clear report, shows exactly what must be done to implement the right wireless solution. The study information includes: required equipment, tasks, costs, ROI (Return On Investment) calculations, and project checklists.

Site Survey: The second phase of the wireless network lifecycle requires on-site surveys to determine the equipment needed for proper coverage. To help eliminate delays and cost overruns, Secure Datacom wireless engineers travel with site survey kits that include all required tools (GPS, range finder, path analysis software, digital cameras, and handheld devices).

Implementation: The third phase is implementation and equipment delivery. Incomplete equipment lists and lack of scheduling can escalate costs quickly. Our engineers cut costs by carefully orchestrating equipment delivery with on-site implementation.

Forecasting and Planning: The last phase is to address your future needs; our experts can assess and plan for additional wireless connectivity. As with all Secure Datacom services, our experts follow a proven methodology for fast, reliable, fixed-cost enhancements of existing wireless network capabilities.

Contact Secure Datacom today to discuss your next wireless implementation.

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