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To keep pace with increasingly complex network security threats and safeguard critical information takes more than integrating the latest security hardware and software. A comprehensive security program includes 24/7 management and monitoring by security experts, real-time security intelligence, and a global infrastructure. Secure Datacom resells these services thru our Partners at Verisign. Their unique combination of people, process, intelligence, and technology makes their customers more secure by proactively managing risk, monitoring compliance and identifying and mitigating evolving security threats.

Managed Security Services (MSS) include:

Managed Firewall and VPN Service

Managed Firewall Services (MFS) provide an advanced, fully outsourced firewall and VPN service that protects an organization’s key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases. The customized firewall services ensure a high level of network access and information availability, integrity and privacy. Around-the-clock firewall monitoring generates immediate alerts and responses for service outages and security alerts associated with critical Internet access points.

Managed Intrusion Prevention

Managed Intrusion Prevention Service (MIPS) allows enterprises to maximize their return on investment for intrusion prevention technologies while reducing their operational and capital costs. Symantec & Verisign’s team of security experts manage and monitor the device around-the-clock, monitoring for health events and security violations from attacks that originate inside or outside the network. Symantec & Verisign’s industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that customers are quickly notified of security and health issues so that they can take timely action to mitigate risk.

Managed Intrusion Detection

Managed Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) offers 24x7 monitoring of all network traffic. The service acts as an alarm for an organization’s network, setting off necessary alerts when a potential attack is recognized. Symantec & Verisign’s certified security engineers actively monitor these alerts at the company’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

Managed Vulnerability Protection Service (MVPS)

Managed Vulnerability Protection Service (MVPS) provides the ideal solution for organizations seeking customized, cost-effective and continuous protection against exploited vulnerabilities. Its building blocks include an up-front risk assessment and recurring vulnerability scanning, vulnerability testing and penetration testing.

Managed Vulnerability Alerting

As an upgrade to the Managed Vulnerability Protection Service (MVPS), Symantec & Verisign’s both can provide an alert service that correlates emerging threats against a host-based, MVPS database that offers customers up-to-the-minute vulnerability intelligence.

Managed Incident Response and Forensics

Based on the five cornerstones of effective incident management and response—detection, assessment, forensics, containment and recovery— Symantec & Verisign’s Managed Incident Response and Forensics Services leverage industry best practices to provide a complete and measured response to any security breach.

Phishing Response

The Verisign’s Phishing Response Service leverages extensive experience in Internet Fraud Services as well as an international network of contacts in legal, government and ISP communities in an effort to identify services of phishing attacks and get Web sites and accounts shut down quickly.

iDefense Security Intelligence Services

The addition of iDEFENSE greatly enhances Verisign’s MSS capabilities and enables Secure Datacom to offer premium services to proactively provide immediate and actionable information to our customers on threats and vulnerabilities.

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