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The NetVanta 3000, 4000, and 5000 Series of Access Routers offers an extremely cost-effective alternative when connecting headquarters to a branch office, or when accessing the Internet. These modular routers deliver the same performance you have come to expect from this class of routers at a greatly reduced cost. These full-featured, high-performance routers include stateful inspection firewall, QoS, and DSU/CSU as standard equipment, and offer voice support, PPP dial backup, and VPN.

Featured Solutions


The NetVanta 1000 Series is a family of full-featured, managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches and switch-routers. This family offers optimal flexibility to meet a wide variety of networking needs and includes solutions for Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, and Gigabit switching. It also offers the industry's first integrated switch-routers, which offer added flexibility and cost savings by combining the functionality of up to five devices in a single chassis. These devices are perfect for deployment in branch offices or in multi-site networks. These powerful, cost-efficient networking solutions redefine branch office connectivity and introduce a new level of value into network operations.

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